We are meeting in-person this morning at 10:45 AM. To join via LIVESTREAM online, click here. 

North Cincy Women

North Cincy Women's Ministry seeks to come alongside the work and mission of the church through word-based and relationally-driven ministry. We deploy a diverse team of servant leaders to meet the diverse needs of the women of our church.

What is the work and mission of the church?

North Cincinnati Community Church exsists to glorify God by making and deploying mature and equipped followers of Christ for the sake of personal, family, community, and global transformation.
  • Engage the unchurched where we live, work, and play.
  • Connect newcomers to the community of God's people.
  • Establish members in the faith through life-on-life missional discipleship.
  • Deploy servant-leaders for a life of kingdom-impact.

How does North Cincy Women engage, connect, establish, and deploy servant leaders?

Engage:  North Cincy Women's Ministry engages the unchurched where we live, work, and play by hosting Refresh meetings open to the community, as well as come alongside American Heritage Girls. North Cincy Women’s Facebook page, Website, and Blog are all ways we seek to engage the world around us. Allison Brown and Brieann Beckner serve as our Engaging Servant Leaders.

Connect:  North Cincy Women's Ministry seeks to connect newcomers to the body through following up with women who express interest in our ministry, inviting newcomers to Refresh Meetings, encouraging women to sign up for one of our establishing ministries, and connecting with mothers during North Cincy Play Groups. Allison Silvieus and Eileen May serve as our Connection and Care Servant Leaders. They also create sign ups when meals are needed for women, follow up with prayer needs, and come alongside new mothers with a gift when a Covenant Child is born.

Establish:  North Cincy Women's Ministry establishes women in the faith through Bible Studies, Alongside Groups, and Life on Life Missional Discipleship Groups. Marianna Peipon and Carrie Irwin serve as our Establishing Servant Leaders and help think for material as well as the scope and sequence we study in our Bible Studies and Small Groups.

Deploy:  North Cincy Women's Ministry seeks to deploy servant leaders for a life of kingdom impact through encouraging diverse, unified, and shared leadership. North Cincy Women deploy Discipleship Group Leaders, Bible Study Leaders, Alongside Leaders, and Servant Team Leaders, and blog post authors. Rachel Craddock and Addie Shrimpton are our Deploying Servant Leaders and also look over the budget and structuring Servant Team leadership meetings.