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Matthew Part 1

“What was God’s purpose in sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth? The first 13 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew cover the birth of the long-awaited Messiah to the sending out of the Twelve Disciples. You’ll learn about how Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promises to His people and how He came to establish God’s kingdom on earth.”  -Jen Wilkin 

Link to ALL Study Materials

W1:  Introduction

W2:  Birth and Childhood (Matthew 1-2)

W3:  Baptism and Temptation (Matthew 3-4)

W4:  Sermon on the Mount: Part 1 (Matthew 5)

W5:  Sermon on the Mount: Part 2 (Mattew 6)

W6:  Sermon on the Mount: Part 3 (Matthew 7)

W7:  Worker of Miracles (Matthew 8-9)

W8:  Sending out the Twelve (Matthew 10)

W9:  Belief and Unbelief (Matthew 11-12)

W10: Parables of the Kingdom (Matthew 13:1-52)

W11: Wrap-up (Matthew Part 1)



What to Expect: 

Our hope is to create a safe place for women of all ages who either know a lot about the bible or a little about the bible to gather weekly to learn from God through His Word and from one another. 

Workbooks will be provided at the beginning for personal study as well as group discussion. Audio teachings by Jen Wilkins will be available to download after each study. 


Links to Recent Studies:

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Spring 2018 - 123 John: Abide*
Fall 2017 - Joshua:  Every Good Promise Fulfilled*
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For more information or to get connected to a study, contact Paula.