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New Values and A New Goal

April 14, 2013 Speaker: Walter Wood, Jr. Series: The Letter to the Philippians: Joy in the Journey

Topic: Sermons Passage: Philippians 3:1–3:11

In Philippians 3, Paul begins by calling them to rejoice, but quickly is diverted to warn them about some of the bad ideas and teaching that they likely will encounter.  He'll get back to rejoicing in Chapter 4.  Paul's main warning here is about those who teach moralism and sacramentalism, the notion that observing rituals and keeping the law is what saves a person.  Paul is harsh in his language refuting that notion, explaining that is where he used to be, but now in Christ things are very different. Righteousness comes through faith in Christ, and that leads to a life committed to knowing Him, His power, His sufferings, and culminating in resurrection at the last day.

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