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The Seventh Seal: The Power of Prayer at Work

May 27, 2012 Speaker: Walter Wood, Jr. Series: Revelation: More Than Conquerors

Topic: Sermons Passage: Revelation 8:1–8:13

Revelation 8 ends one section (the seven seals), and starts another (the seven trumpets).  Each section of sevens is giving basically the same message (God is in control, will execute judgment on the enemies of God's people and will protect, defend, and deliver His people), but with different emphases, nuances, and applications.  This is a fascinating glimpse at things "behind the curtain" of heaven.  We see a fascinating and exciting picture of how our prayers are handled and responded to.  The saints may be insignificant players on the world stage in the eyes of the world, but in actuality, the saints are huge players on the world scene in God's administration.

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