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A Doorway to Heaven

April 15, 2012 Speaker: Walter Wood, Jr. Series: Revelation: More Than Conquerors

Topic: Sermons Passage: Revelation 4:1–4:11

This week we begin the challenging task of understanding the rest of the book of Revelation, with all its symbols, imagery and visions.  I begin by explaining the four interpretive views of Revelation.  If you need more information, I recommend the ESV study Bible for a good explanation.  I tend toward a combination of the hisoricist and idealist views.  I do not think that Revelation applies exclusively to either the first century or exclusively to the last days.  It is somewhere in between, dealing with the entire history between the seven churches and the second coming of Christ, laying out principles that apply to all churches in all generations.  Revelation 4 takes us from the rough and tumble of church life to the doorway of heaven, where we get a glimpse of God on the throne and some of the activities that take place there.  It's an awe-inspiring scene, designed to assure us that God is indeed reigning from His throne and there is much activity in the unseen realities behind the scenes of the visible world we live in.  The main lessons of chapter four are around the priority of knowing God (knowing He is Lord and currently reigns over all things) and the priority of worshipping Him (he is worthy of such worship).  In times of challenge for the church and her members, these are first principles.

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