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Rosenow Family Sponsorship Program

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The Rosenow Family Sponsorship Program is a ministry of North Cincinnati Community Church that seeks to facilitate and provide financial assistance to the Rosenow Family’s ever-growing food and grocery budget that exceeds $6,000 per month by providing regular and ongoing financial resources through a sponsorship program. Please note that all gifts given to the Rosenow family through the Rosenow Family Sponsorship Program are non-tax deductible gifts.  These non-tax deductible gifts are given directly to the Rosenow family through the Rosenow Care Fund that gets depleted on the first Monday of each month in the form of a lump sum check sent directly to Scott & Kathy Rosenow to be used as needed.

Scott & Kathy Rosenow, the founders, and directors of The Shepherd’s Crook began their adoption journey in 1998. Since then, their family has grown, and they have adopted 19 children with special needs, as well as established a wonderful ministry where they have helped find homes for hundreds of orphans from around the world through The Shepherd’s Crook. Currently, Scott & Kathy are living outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, and have 23 children, 19 of whom still live at home along with one grandchild that they care for on a daily basis.

For us here at North Cincy, the Rosenow family is a special family to us, not only because of the amazing work that the Lord has called them to but also because they are a part of our church family. Scott & Kathy have been members here at North Cincy almost since the church started back in 1995, and over the years, North Cincy has partnered with them in their call to serve and care for the most vulnerable in various ways from providing meals to home projects. Please consider helping us care well for this family who cares so well for others by providing care to this amazing family through the Rosenow Family Sponsorship Program.

You can learn more about the Rosenow story by reading Swaying in the Treetops, along with Scott & Kathy’s companion book called Through the Branches. The Rosenow’s also have a family blog called Where Love Learns Its Lessons, and Kathy has her own personal blog called Owning my Nothingness. Additionally, if you are interested in seeing what life is like in the Rosenow home, you can watch A Day in Their Life, which is a video that was made in 2008 that is still an approximation of the Rosenow’s daily life. Feel free to email info@northcincy.org for questions that you might have about the Rosenow Family Sponsorship Program.