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Pastor Search


North Cincinnati Community Church is conducting a search for its next senior pastor. The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) will use this page to update the congregation and to share prayer requests and documents related to the search. 


05/25/22 - In our last update we mentioned that more than 20 applicants had emerged through the initial vetting process by our search consultant McGowan Global Institute and were directed to us for in-depth Evaluation. The Committee is evaluating each candidate against the criteria the congregation helped establish and which are reflected in our Pastor Profile. Key among them are:

  • Does this candidate meet the biblical standard for the office of elder outlined in 1 Tim 3:1-7, and
  • Does he have the background to serve North Cincy as our primary Proclaimer of the Word, as a Leader of Leaders, as a Shepherd of our Community and as a Humble Servant.

The objective evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications is one aspect of the discernment process as we earnestly seek the Lord’s wisdom in leading us to the man he is calling to lead North Cincy. We are making steady progress, and we appreciate your prayers for discernment as our work continues.

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Church and Pastor Profile

Search Phases & Timing