We are meeting in-person this morning at 10:45 AM. To join via LIVESTREAM online, click here. 

House Worship Guide - Easter

North Cincy Friends & Family,

While we long for the day when we will meet in person again, we hope these resources will enable us to continue to worship the Lord and meet together (Heb. 10:23-25), although in a different way. Worshiping from home is certainly a different experience than worshipping in-person together on a Sunday morning

Please feel free to engage with the Lord using the video service below just as you would in person. Turn up the volume and sing as loud (or louder) as you would in person. Stand if you're able, recite God's call to worship, confess your sins, and declare God's pardon with me. 

In addition, below you will find resources for those of you who have families with young children. Special thanks to our North Cincy Kids Director, Savannah, for putting this together each week. 

(Children’s / Family Resources)

Below you will also find the "Our Generosity" update that we normally include in our weekly worship program. 

If there are ways that we can pray for you, please email us your request at info@northcincy.org

Likewise, if you have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is a way that we assist you in this season, please let us know by emailing our deacons at deacons@northcincy.org.




Our Generosity: MTD and YTD Giving Update: Through April 5, 2020

MTD actual: $10,776.00 

MTD goal: $15,320.98 

MTD Difference: -$4,544.98 

Weekly Goal: $15,320.98  

YTD Actual: $476,952.80 

YTD Goal: $490,271.36 

YTD Difference: -$13,318.56