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Our Purpose


“We exist for the GLORY of God and the GOOD of others.”


CONNECT to Christ and his church

GROW into maturing and equipped followers of Christ

SERVE our church, our neighbors, and the world with Christ's love


The Holy Scriptures– We humbly submit ourselves to the Bible as the unchanging truth of God in an ever-changing culture, and the foundation of all we do.

The Gospel - the gospel is the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection – is the power for transformation and THE main thing at the heart of everything we do.

Living by Faith – God calls us to walk by faith NOT by sight. As a church, this means that all we undertake is rooted in prayer and doomed to fail unless the Lord is in it.

Relationships – Relationships are the context for transformation. The church is a diverse group of people called to live together in a covenant community. We learn from one another, care for one another, and are blessed by one another’s gifts, ages, and stages in life.

God's Mission – As a church, we do not exist for ourselves but are committed to following Jesus in his example of serving the needs of others with the love of Christ.

God's Kingdom – God’s mission is bigger than us. We celebrate the work God is doing through other churches and organizations as co-laborers, not competitors, and seek to partner with them in accomplishing God’s mission.

God's church – We recognize that we are part of a story that is bigger, broader and older than our own moment in time. As a church, we are part of a denomination (PCA) that is connected to a theological movement that is rooted in the Protestant Reformation.