Women's One Conference

NorthCincy Women traveled to Chattenooga October 4-6th, 2018. For those who were unable to attend or simply want to re-live the event, ONE is not DONE... IT IS FOR EVERYONE!

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Keynote, Courtney Docter - Session 1

Keynote, Courtney Docter - Session 2

Keynote, Courtney Docter - Session 3


Connecting Anxious and Depressed Women to the Cross

This workshop will give hope and help to fellow strugglers by looking at the ONE who speaks to these concerns with compassion and authority. This workshop will include a biblical theology and methodology for comfort and transformation. – Brenda Payne

Closer Than a Sister: United to Christ and One Another

Union with Christ is a fundamental truth to our faith. Our justification, sanctification, and glorification all rest upon it. This union also unites us to other believers. It unites the women in our churches as sisters. This workshop will explore our union with one another, including such questions as: What does it mean to be united to our sisters in Christ? What does it look like in our churches? How do we live out our union together in this fallen world? Join us as we pursue developing spiritual relationships with other women in our churches. – Christina Fox

Increasing Biblical Literacy in a Distracted World

How do we lead a Bible study full of screens and busy schedules? Is there a method that will result in more understanding of Scripture and life transformation? This workshop is filled with research from my dissertation and experience based testimonials with a practical approach to the unique demands of teaching and discipling our Millennial women. More importantly, the necessary component of inter-generational relationships and how they yield biblical understanding and passion for Christ. Ultimately we’ll look at four topics: restoring focus to study, relating authentically through accountability, acknowledgement of biblical authority and the enlistment of spiritual responsibility as one matures.  – Mary Haberkorn

Racial Reconciliation Panel & Racial Reconcilliation v2

Racial reconciliation has been a hot topic lately in our denomination. But it seems the issue is frequently wrought with tension that hinders the body of Christ from truly embracing our identity in Christ as disparate people brought together in union with him. How can we truly reconcile and come together, moving past suspicions, anxiety and varied concerns? This panel discussion will provide women the opportunity to engage in dialogue about this sensitive topic in a safe, accepting space. – Lisa Robinson

Spiritual Mothers and Daughters: Connecting the Generations

This workshop will encourage each woman—of any age— to participate in the Great Commission as both a spiritual daughter and a spiritual mother. Based on Matthew 28:18-20 and Titus 2:3-5, we will show the scriptural foundation for discipleship and then give practical ways to become a part of the generational legacy taught by Jesus and Paul.  – Sandy Hartley

Single Women in the Family of God

A panel discussion on the challenges single women face in the church. How is God’s family working to support all its family members? We hope to discuss how the church can more effectively develop and appreciate the gifts of single women and intentionally include them in the church family.  – Christiana Fitzpatrick

Personal Encounters with the King

Christ often interacted with women in a way that challenged existing cultural norms. In doing so, He opened new possibilities for how the unique gifts of women fit into His kingdom plan. Let’s explore these biblical examples and how Christ might be speaking to you in today’s cultural context.  – Barbara Jones


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