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New Here


No matter where you are on the journey of faith we know that visiting a new church can be intimidating and hope that this page will help to answer some questions and make you feel welcome before you ever step foot in our doors.

Whether you are a committed follower of Jesus looking for a community of God's people where you can connect, grow and serve, are skeptical of the message of Christianity, or anywhere in between, we want to invite you to join us on a Sunday morning to learn more.


Note the below are impacted by current pandemic conditions with COVID-19. Contact the church for latest.


To worship anything is to recognize its worth or significance, which we most often do through the service we offer to someone. This is especially the case as the community of people called the church gather to worship. In worship we recognize the infinite significance of God through the service we offer Him. In worship we come not as passive observers but as active participants. God speaks and we respond. 

We hope you will notice a thoughtful and connected rhythm in our worship, sometimes called a liturgy. This is because we are gathering for the unique activity of worship, not for a lecture, a conference or a concert; not merely to listen to good music or to hear wise teaching. Rather, we gather for an encounter with God.

Stylistically, our aim is for our service to be a mix of traditional and contemporary expressions and elements. Our desire is that the dominant theme of service is celebration. This celebration is to due the reality that while our world is broken, our Savior is risen, and that the risen King will one day return to restore all things to the way they should be.

In this sense, every Sunday is Easter Sunday.  


Our passion to make mature and equipped followers of Christ extends to every person of every age. Children are an integral part of God's Story and they are a vital part of His ministry at North Cincinnati as well. Below are answers to several F.A.Q.'s as your family prepares to join us on Sunday morning and participate in the ministries of our children's ministry, North Cincy Kids (NCK).  

Nursey Drop-off Instructions: Check-in children 0-24 months at the Nursery Check-in Table. You will receive a child tag, diaper bag tag, and a parent tag.

NCK Classes check-in instructions: All children need to be checked-in by a parent at the door of each of their designated classrooms.

Nursing Mothers Room: There is a room behind the Nursery Check-In counter where mothers may nurse during the service while watching a video feed of the service.

Who Do I Talk to When I Get There? Greeters in the lobby will glady direct you if you should have any questions. Please also see the Nursery coordinator at the Nursery Check-In counter as well.  


By God's design we are created for relationships. While God makes each one of us with a unique personality with a varying "capacity" for relationships, we all need them nonetheless. Throughout Scripture we see that our growth as a follower of Christ is integrally connected to the relationships and community we cultivate with one another. 

While there are a number of ways to connect to the community of God's people at North Cincinnati, the primary way for adults to get connected on Sunday mornings are our Sunday Morning Adult Communities (click here to learn more). These communities meet at 9:30 a.m. and are designed to cultivate relationships and estabish attenders as followers of Christ.  


 Some people wear suits, some people wear jeans, and we have a lot of in-between.  


Our Sunday Morning Community Hour begins at 9:30 a.m., followed by our worship service at 10:45 a.m.

Please take a look around our website to find out more about our beliefs, ministries, and small groups. Contact us if you would like more information. We love to help you grow as a mature and equipped follower of Christ by connecting to the community of God's people at North Cincinnati.