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Sunday Morning Communities

Sunday Morning Communities at NCCC

Sunday Morning Communities at NCCC are an opportunity for newcomers and members alike to cultivate relationships among one another while getting established in core content and competencies of the faith that are common to all believers, and specific to the particular ages, stages, and roles of life.

How Do These Communities Work & Who Leads Them?

The goal is for members to commit to a community, not necessarily to a particular teacher or topic. Each community is led by a Community Shepherd(s). The Community Shepherd’s job is to provide consistent leadership for each community by fostering and maintaining the overall relational health of the group. While Community Shepherds provide consistent leadership for the overall relational health of a group, the content is provided by teachers who rotate through each community over the course of a ministry year.

Communities meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  Please note that these groups will not meet during June, July or August.