At North Cincinnati Community Church our highest priority is to worship and honor the Lord.

We are commanded throughout scripture to worship Him, sing to Him, pray to Him, pray for others, confess our sins, repent of our sins, believe, again and again, in Christ's finished work on the cross. We also see in scripture a supernatural human response to draw near to the Lord. It is a response of awe, fear, devotion, praise, and excitement. We believe that the outward response is a natural flow from an internal reaction. Something at the heart level, the very core of a human being, shifts and ignites when encountering Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The outward appearance of such an encounter will vary depending on the person, the place, and their personality, but the encounter is the key.

On Sunday mornings we attempt to provide both traditional expressions of praise, thanksgiving, repentance, and faith as well as incorporating new expressions. We tend to lean towards the more traditional during the Christmas & Easter season, balancing contemporary and traditional the rest of the year. Sunday mornings are an excellent time for us to encounter and worship the Lord together as a worshiping community, but it is not the only time. We encourage everyone to seek after the Lord and draw near to Him daily, continually, throughout the week, month and year. Our worship ministry seeks to focus on the large gatherings, such as Sunday, but want to encourage small group, family and personal devotional worship as well.

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