North Cincy Women's Programming



2018-2019 Refresh Dates:

Monday 9/17 - Bunco Night
Tuesday 10/30 - Cupcake Decorating
Wednesday 12/12 -  Christmas Social
Thursday 1/24 - Testimony Night
Friday 3/8 - Service Night
Monday 4/15 - Game Night

Refresh meets once every six weeks at the church in the evenings from 6:30-8:00pm.

Refresh will rotate nights of the week (First Refresh is Monday, second is on a Tuesday, and so on).

Refresh is a low commitment, large group option for women looking for a way to connect to North Cincy Women, or can be a place for Established North Cincy Women to bring a friend. 

Alongside Groups

Alongside Groups will meet once a month either in the evening or on Saturday morning. These groups will meet either at the church or in a home.

Each Alongside Group will be co-led by two older women. These groups will be a small group, lower commitment option, consisting of no more than 6-8 women.

Alongside Groups will read through Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt, one chapter a month.

Alongside Groups are always open and women may join at anytime. 

Bible Studies

Fall Bible Studies will resume the week of September 3, 2018 and conclude the week of November 12, 2018.

North Cincy Women will be studying Judges by Jen Wilken

Find a link to the Podcast Introduction to Judges here

Bible Studies are a higher commitment, large group option and meet on Thursday mornings at the church or Wednesday evenings in a home.

Bible Studies are co-led by an older woman and a younger woman.

Bible Studies focus on going deep in one book of the Bible a semester and also include time for fellowship and prayer. 

Thursday morning Bible Study offers Little Lions and Little Lambs which is a free gospel-centered program for children ages 0 and up.

Bible Studies are open groups and women may join at anytime.

Life-on-Life Groups

Life on Life Groups will resume the week of September 3, 2018 and conclude for the semester the week of November 12, 2018.

North Cincy Women use The Journey Curriculum in Life on Life Missional Discipleship Groups. 

Find out more about Life on Life here.

Life on Life Groups meet weekly and are a higher commitment, small group option. The groups consist of no more than 4-6 women and attendance each week is extremely important.

Each Life on Life meeting has five elements (Truth, Equipping, Accountability, Mission, and Supplication), you learn to write out and share your personal testimony, and you memorize a Bible verse each week.

Life on Life Groups are a one-year committment and they are recruited for by the Life on Life leader over the summer. Once Life on Life groups start in the fall, they are closed for the year. 

The end goal after one-three years in a Life on Life Group is that the member would become a disciple maker and start their own group.