Missionaries Serving in Europe

Chris & Josephine Hatch - Serge, London

c.hatch-15Chris & Josephine serve in the multi-ethnic community of Shepherd’s Bush. They recently launched a new church, New City International Presbyterian Church. They are working to see the gospel spread through preaching, teaching, mercy to the homeless, youth activities and various relational activities. Their children are Rahel and Kaleb. Follow Chris’s blog at www.chrishatch.org.


Nenad & Silvana Kova?evi? - Ma?kovec, Croatia

kovacevic-15Nenad is the pastor of Baptist Crkva Ma?kovec (Ma?kovec Baptist Church) in northern Croatia. He and Silvana are vibrantly evangelistic and have a heart to reach Croatia through church planting. NCCC has partnered with them in their summer English Camps for over 15 years. Their daughters are Anja & Tajana.   ns.kovacevic@gmail.com


Scott & Jennifer Mathews - Cru, Macedonia

mathews-15Scott and Jennifer serve as regional leaders with Cru in Skopje, Macedonia. Their ministry focuses on helping start and sustain campus ministries in multiple countries in South Eastern Europe. Their sons are Ely and Noah. scott.mathews@cru.org



Nick & Uliana Morari - Admirals Basketball Academy, Moldova

morari-14Nick & Uliana use sports as a platform to engage athletes with the Gospel. He had a vision to reach young teenagers and formed The Admirals basketball team. NCCC had the privilege to partner with The Admirals last summer by hosting a basketball camp in Mason. Their children are Nick, Jr. and Anastasia. nicolai.morari@admirals.md



Barry & Amy Schutter - Serge, London

schutter-14The Schutters live in a multi-cultural community of London, made up of diverse people coming from Asia and Africa. Barry serves as a team leader and in the church as one of the pastors. Amy serves the church as a leader of the Parent & Toddler fellowship and outreach. Their children are Nicholas, Quinn and Kyrie. barryschutter@gmail.com


Nelly Vos - Mission to the World, France


Nelly is serving at a Protestant Reformed Evangelical Church in Marseille, France. She is involved in evangelism and discipleship among immigrants and French agnostics. She has a heart for the children of the church. nellyvosfr@gmail.com