Missions Conference Kick Off

February 20, 2014

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Category: Missions

From Rome with Love

That's the theme and headline for our upcoming Global Missions Conference.  Our speaker is from Rome, Italy, and will be speaking from the book of Romans.   Leonardo DeChirico is a church planter, writer, national church leader, theologian, and expert on all things related to the Vatican.  He writes a monthly column called "The Vatican File" on the latest developments from the Vatican and his analysis from an evangelical perspective. 

He will be accompanied by his wife Valeria, who is a mother of two teenage sons (one adopted from Ethiopia), full-time nurse, and refugee worker.  Valeria will be speaking to the women of our church on her work in Rome with refugees as well as her multi-faceted role in their new church.

Leonardo is the founding pastor of Breccia di Roma, a three year-old congregation on the Via Nationale in the heart of Rome.  Breccia is the Italian word for "breach," and the vision is for the church to make a breach, or break, into the city of Rome, and begin a chuch planting movement that will revive the ancient faith in the city where Paul and Peter preached and died for Christ in the first century.

Join us Thursday evening, February 20th, as we kick off our conference in worship and fellowship.  Several of our guest missionaries will give an update on their work in the mission field.  Leonardo DiChirico's message is  The Gospel for the Pagan (Romans 1: 18-32) - speaking to the skeptic, the atheist, the secularist.  Childcare will be provided for ages 0-5.  Click here to RSVP for childcare.